Grant process

Youth Peer Educators undertaking enviromental work. Provided by the PATH Foundation Philippines.

The Ashmore Foundation's application and assessment process is designed to identify particularly high impact organisations which are well managed and accountable. Grants recipients are typically working in one of the Ashmore Foundation's priority countries, and display an exceptionally strong track record, commitment and potential.

The features we look for in our grantees and partners include:

  • Transparency: we expect the organisation’s activities to be well documented with clearly evidenced results.
  • Efficiency: well-managed grantees with a strong focus on results and an understanding and evidence of what activities will have the most impact on their beneficiaries.
  • Connected: these organisations have a strong understanding of what the pressing social issues are, what is already being done to address these issues and where the gaps and critical points of leverage are. They show success in implementing interventions that make a positive change.

We will only consider applications from organisations operating in the Emerging Markets as a registered non-profit organisation, working in the areas of Education and/or Livelihoods, benefiting disadvantaged groups, with an independent Website and externally audited financial accounts available for review, their own bank account and a minimum annual income equivalent to GBP£50,000.

All applications are taken through the following assessment process


The Ashmore Foundation does not accept unsolicited applications. We source partners through recommendations from experts, existing partners, suggestions from Ashmore employees and detailed research by the Ashmore team.