Grants and Partners

Children at a school in Tondo slum, Manila. Provided by the Philippine Community Fund.

Our goal is to make a positive and sustainable difference in the Emerging Markets (EM) communities in which Ashmore* operates and invests. To achieve this goal, the Foundation aims to develop long-term relationships with high impact local non-government organisations (NGOs) based in our priority countries. In addition, we have a Small Grants scheme for a wider range of eligible charities working throughout the EM.

The Ashmore Foundation has seven priority countries to which the majority of funds are channelled: Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, India, Philippines, Indonesia and Turkey. These countries have been selected on the basis of Ashmore's existing networks and knowledge, clear social needs that the Foundation can address and the existence of a thriving civil sector. 

We focus on finding and supporting frontline NGOs staffed by local people with requisite skills and commitment, who know the context and culture in which they are working and which are thus well placed to achieve sustainable results in their communities. We support locally based organisations working across the following thematic areas:

During assessment we look at a whole organisation and its capacity and potential, and not just a project proposed for funding. We understand that even the most robust NGOs often have to focus more on programmes than on  their own internal capacity and development needs –partly because of their commitment to beneficiaries and partly because of the way the donor economy works (funding for one year only, highly restricted funding, more funding available for frontline activities than for development or organisational capacity). NGOs that have not yet reached a ‘mature’ stage of development are particularly vulnerable to external funding shocks and pressures and particularly in need of support.

In response, we provide grants which are multi-year and/or flexible wherever possible.

The Ashmore Foundation does not accept unsolicited applications. We source new partners through recommendations from experts, existing partners, suggestions from Ashmore staff and detailed research by the Foundation team.


Grants are usually multi-year, prioritising high impact organisations operating in priority countries, assessed over a two stage application process. Grants range in size depending on the scale and nature of the programme and the organisation's capacity, but a typical Partnership Grant is between £20,000 and £50,000 per year over three years.

Strategic Partners

The Ashmore Foundation also funds awards for NGO excellence through the STARS Foundation's Impact Awards. In 2012, we funded the cash element of STARS' three Asia Impact Awards for exceptional frontline NGOs delivering services to children.


Through the Ashmore Foundation, over £2.5 million has been committed to more than 50 charitable organisations throughout the Emerging Markets since inception in 2008. In 2012 alone, grants from the Ashmore Foundation benefitted more than 40,000 underprivileged community members with a range of services and support.


*Ashmore is a specialist Emerging Markets Investment Manager.