Children supported by Developments in Literacy, Pakistan. Provided by Sam Phelps/STARS Foundation.

We understand that multi-year funding gives an NGO greater flexibility to plan longer-term, and provides some consistency and stability which enables a greater focus on results rather than on managing constant funding cycles. That said, we are selective in our approach and want to find the right partner, with the capacity to deliver, be fully accountable and to which we feel our funding can make a difference. Each grant follows in-depth, up front due diligence and assessment.

Building up a relationship with the grantee also allows the Foundation to be more responsive to needs and gaps, gain a greater understanding of the issues the NGO is tackling, and allows the Foundation and Ashmore employees the opportunity to get to know and further support the charities directly during the grant period, either through fundraising, pro bono mentoring or help in expanding their networks.

All grants are assessed using a standard process which considers the applicant organisation’s strength in achieving social impact, as well as its management and accountability.




Education is a fundamental tool in the reduction of global poverty. At the Ashmore Foundation we believe that empowering marginalised communities through access to decent quality, relevant education, equips people with the fundamental building blocks through which they can improve their own lives.

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We believe that providing disadvantaged people with the specific skills and resources they need to find employment or to develop an independent livelihood reduces their vulnerability and provides them with a dignified means by which to support themselves and their families’ needs.

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