Investing locally in Emerging Markets communities

The Ashmore Foundation seeks to make a positive and sustainable difference in the Emerging Markets communities in which Ashmore operates and invests. Our funding of local Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs, or charities) aims to directly enhance human welfare, opportunities and skills, particularly for children, young people and those most vulnerable.

Despite economic growth in the Emerging Markets (EM), disadvantaged communities remain affected by poverty and lack access to health services and education opportunities that are a basic right and could greatly improve their life situations. The Ashmore Foundation responds by making grants to effective organisations working across the themes of Education and Livelihoods. We seek to connect EM causes with EM resources and networks that could enhance their impact. As well as working directly with locally-based NGOs, we work alongside other international funders to identify and support local solutions to social problems.

The Ashmore Foundation does not accept unsolicited applications. We source new partners through recommendations from experts, existing partners, suggestions from Ashmore staff and detailed research by the Foundation team.