Social Investments

The Ashmore Foundation recognises that some social impact organisations will be generating revenues through their activities. To achieve their objectives these organisations often require working capital to grow and scale. In 2016, the Foundation began making programme related investments in organisations whose work aligns with its charitable objectives.

The Ashmore Foundation recognises that different types of capital deployed to a range of organisations along the investment spectrum can generate a positive impact aligned to its charitable objectives. To this end the Foundation has sought to identify appropriate impact first investment opportunities to enable it to deploy as much of its resources as possible to generating positive societal outcomes for Emerging Market communities.

Information about our current social investments can be found below:

Root Capital

Partnership established 2016
Country: Various Latin America and Africa

Root Capital is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) registered organisation that seeks to improve the lives of rural farmers by connecting them with the formal economy They supply agricultural businesses with financial capital and training to help them grow These businesses purchase crops such as coffee, cocoa, or grains from thousands of smallholder farmers They then connect members to formal markets and support them to improve their farming practices.


Partnership established 2018
Country: Colombia

CoSchool SAS is a registered B-Corporation operating in the education sector in Colombia They seek to develop socio-emotional skills so that young people feel, think and act in a collective manner empowering them to achieve their personal goals and lead positive change in their communities They design and deliver high quality education programmes based on innovation, social challenges and uniting different social backgrounds The loan will enable CoSchool to scale their business.

Unltd Indonesia

Partnership established 2019
Country: Indonesia

Unltd Indonesia provide financial and technical assistance to social enterprises across Indonesia They do this through an incubation programme where they work with early stage enterprises to help them to develop their business models, and put in places strategies and structures necessary to grow the organisation. Alongside this they will provide the most promising organisations with short term loans for working capital.